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We’ve moved!

This will be our last post at Here Comes Treble.  Today, we officially joined the ChicagoNow network!  We hope you follow us to our new Chicago trivia blog, Chicago Hearts Trivia!

Our Chicago Trivia Night List, Where We Play, and Trivia Team Names will be updated on the new site.  We also hope to add slideshows, interviews, and other fun features in the future.  Check it out!

Thanks to our loyal readers for following us here for the last year!

Chicago Hearts Trivia! (formerly Here Comes Treble)


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Tonight Jeremy will be celebrating the best of the decade at Grace O’Malley’s!

  • TV of the decade
  • Music of the decade
  • Sports this decade
  • Movies of the decade
  • Events of the decade

If you run a trivia night and want us to post your topics, email us at herecomestreble.trivia@gmail.com!

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Do you like music and grilled cheese?  We’ve found the perfect all-music trivia (and bingo) night for you and have added to our List:

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Can’t decide on a trivia night for tonight?  Here are tonight’s possible topics at Rebel.  Get there early for a chance to choose a round:

  • Handout- Movies of the 2000’s
  • 2000 Sports (Baseball, Football, Basketball, Hockey)
  • 2000 Sports (Soccer, Tennis, Golf, Olympics, etc.)
  • 2000 Movies
  • 2000 TV (Drama/Reality/Game shows)
  • 2000 TV (Comedies-Office, My Name is Earl, 2 1/2 Men, etc.)
  • 2000 Music (1 Hit Wonders)
  • 2000 Music (Biggest Hits)
  • 2000 Events
  • 2000 Celeb Gossip

Help us help you!  If you run a trivia night and want us to share your rounds with our readers, email us at herecomestreble.trivia@gmail.com.

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A couple announcements from Ginger’s:

If you  go this Thursday, Dec. 10, here are the rounds: Man’s Best Friend (T or F), Illinois, Football Bowl Match, More Than One Moose, Definitions of a Buried Link, Pictures, and Random Knowledge.

Next Thursday, December 17, 2009, will be the last Ginger’s Pub Quiz for 2009.  MC Richard assumes that no one will come to a Christmas Eve or New Year’s Eve trivia night, but we actually would kinda love it.

More importantly, after 10 years of trivia nights, Richard is thinking about permanently discontinuing Ginger’s Pub Quiz due to low participation.  Maybe it’s his time to retire, or it’s just the bad economy, or Thursday nights…we don’t know.  If you have thoughts on whether Ginger’s should continue into 2010, email us at herecomestreble.trivia@gmail.com and we’ll pass the word on to Richard.

Personally, we think it would be a shame if Richard retired from hosting pub quiz.  We didn’t exactly give Ginger’s a glowing review, but it got extra points solely because of Richard…he is a nice family man with a lot of facts to share with the world.  It would also be a shame if Ginger’s was canceled so soon after being mentioned in the Onion AV Club.

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We’ve added a new Let’s Go trivia night to our List.  Great news for you ESPN addicts: this one features all sports trivia!

Trivia starts next Wednesday, December 9.  Be sure to check them out!

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A couple of updates:

  • Sexy Rexy is back for the winter and that means Flounder’s Trivia is back on Wednesday nights.
  • Trivia at Market actually starts *next* week, December 8, not tonight.

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