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A couple announcements from Ginger’s:

If you  go this Thursday, Dec. 10, here are the rounds: Man’s Best Friend (T or F), Illinois, Football Bowl Match, More Than One Moose, Definitions of a Buried Link, Pictures, and Random Knowledge.

Next Thursday, December 17, 2009, will be the last Ginger’s Pub Quiz for 2009.  MC Richard assumes that no one will come to a Christmas Eve or New Year’s Eve trivia night, but we actually would kinda love it.

More importantly, after 10 years of trivia nights, Richard is thinking about permanently discontinuing Ginger’s Pub Quiz due to low participation.  Maybe it’s his time to retire, or it’s just the bad economy, or Thursday nights…we don’t know.  If you have thoughts on whether Ginger’s should continue into 2010, email us at herecomestreble.trivia@gmail.com and we’ll pass the word on to Richard.

Personally, we think it would be a shame if Richard retired from hosting pub quiz.  We didn’t exactly give Ginger’s a glowing review, but it got extra points solely because of Richard…he is a nice family man with a lot of facts to share with the world.  It would also be a shame if Ginger’s was canceled so soon after being mentioned in the Onion AV Club.


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Thursday night brought our team to Ginger’s Ale House.  It’s pretty different than most of the trivia nights we’ve been to, and, to be honest, there were more than a few unusual things about it… but it’s hard not to like it here.

Trivia is run by a kindly older gentleman with his daughter as his assistant.  I think he just makes up categories and questions that interest him.  Our categories included: What’s in a name (the answers all have or are about names), mushrooms,  a photo round with no real theme to it, and the science of beer.   There was also a “series” round where each clue leads you closer to guessing a round topic (In this case, the TV series MASH) and the sooner you guess it, the more points you get.   FYI, a lot of the questions are true-false.

Trivia at Ginger’s is in a back room where none of the chairs are quite the appropriate height for any of the tables.  The host doesn’t use a microphone, and there was a delay while they disconnected the speakers from playing the music from the bar so we could hear the clues.  The menu is huge and strange.  I got a ton of Fish and Chips for only about $8, which for some reason came with an overly generous portion of peas.  Also, we came in first place and the prize was leftover St. Patrick’s day Chi-rish mugs and Magner’s Irish Cider t-shirts.  Mugs and t-shirts also were the prize for last place.  Also, you get a mug and t-shirt just showing up.  Everyone walks away with mugs and t-shirts.  Bonus points, however, for the T-shirts not necessarily all being XXL!  Finally, upon closing my tab, my credit card was handed back to me very sticky.  Thus far, no amount soap, water, bleach, or nail polish remover has eliminated this space-age adhesive.  I am welcome to any ideas.

I am sure it sounds like I hated this trivia night:  chairs are odd sizes, no microphone, delayed start for speaker disconnection, weird menu, too many peas, true-false questions, no real first place prize after a rare first place finish, sticky credit card… but something about the overall experience is really likeable, and I think it all comes down to the host.

He’s like a friendly grandpa who just wants to share his passion for obscure facts.  $5 pay-to-play, but it all goes to charity (the Franciscan Outreach Association).  Also, if you are really stumped, he might give you points for answers that have the word “boobs” in them.

After some of the high-intensity-ultra-competitive trivia nights we’ve been to (and I like them a lot), it’s a nice change of pace to sit back in a too-low chair, eat some peas, and just casually learn a few things about mushrooms, for love of the game and for a presumably good cause.

Just make sure you pay in cash.

Ginger’s Ale House
3801 N. Ashland Ave., Chicago
7:30pm to 9:30pm
$5 admission (goes to Franciscan Outreach Association)
2.5 paws (out of 4)

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UPDATE: Trivia at Fearon’s is now cancelled (September 2009).

Didja miss us?  After a short break from trivia, we headed out to Lakeview for Tuesday night trivia at Fearon’s Public House.

The whole experience was, well, meh.  In the neighborhood around the bar, parking is free, but it can be difficult to find.  Tuesday night specials are $3 U-Call-Its, $12 Miller Lite buckets and $5 burgers & fries.  It should be noted that although none of us requested a particular fry style, two of us ended up with steak fries and one of us got thin fries.  So, if you have a fry preference, tell your waitress.  She might be able to hook you up.  Or she might not–you just might be stuck with whatever they decide to give you.  The burgers were definitely a deal for $5, but not as good of a bargain as the delicious $2 burgers at Rebel.

Fearon’s also serves what may be the coldest beer in town.  Our Miller Lites came encased in solid ice, or more accurately, what appeared to be frozen Sprite.

Trivia is supposed to start at 8pm, but it didn’t start until closer to 8:30.  We didn’t catch the MC’s name, but he was ginger-headed [apparently some of the regular teams make up weekly names to make fun of him…personally this blogger found his hair endearing, but then again, my best pal has ginger hair], impressively loud [even without a mic, we could hear him perfectly], and cajun [I thought he sounded exactly like Chef Paul Prudhomme].

There are 6 rounds of 5 questions each, and you assign 1-5 points to each question in the round, kind of like team trivia.  Our rounds were: movies, more movies, science & math, geography, music, and sports.  There is also a halftime break so the MC can have a smoke.  The first couple rounds were too. easy.  What kind of car was made popular in Back to the Future?  Who played Lara Croft in the Tomb Raider movies?  Actually, most of the game was very easy.  We pretty much dominated until the final question, where you could wager between 1-15 points.  We wagered all 15 points and proceeded to confuse Andy Gibb and Maurice Gibb (Andy is the younger one with the solo career; Maurice is the dead one).  We ended up in 6th place.   Team Ginger Balls are Small and Useless (not to be confused with Team Ginger Balls Shoot Dust) were the deserving champions of the $30 gift certificate to Fearon’s, being the only team to get the final question correct.

If you live in the neighborhood, we would definitely recommend Fearon’s for trivia night.  It’s fun, not too long, the food specials are good, winning is a very real possibility, and the MC is pretty cool.  However, if we’re going to travel for Tuesday night trivia, other places have much more to offer (i.e., skillet cookies, serious cash prizes, concert tickets,  or awesome 90’s music).

Fearon’s Public House
3001 N. Ashland Ave., Chicago
8pm to 10:30pm
Free admission

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We’ve moved!  Read our review of Harrigan’s trivia night at http://www.chicagonow.com/blogs/chicago-hearts-trivia/2010/02/review-wednesday-night-trivia-at-harrigans.html.

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Join GiveForward, Yelp, and Zip Car for their Green Trivia Night to help raise money for solar panels for Chicago Public Schools!  The event will be held in Lakeview at Mad River on April 30th; the winning team gets $500 and all other proceeds will go towards Climate Cycle‘s efforts to build greener schools!

Register your team or find out more here!  Also, use the promo code “Facebook” and you can register your team for 1/2 the price!

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We’ve moved!  Our review of Team Trivia at Victory Liquors can now be found on http://www.chicagonow.com/blogs/chicago-hearts-trivia/2010/02/review-tuesday-night-trivia-at-victory-liquors.html.

Nooooooo!  Not Becky!

She's where the oil can't hurt her now.

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After the last couple disheartening Monday nights, we were excited to hear of a brand new trivia night at Kirkwood Bar & Grill in Lakeview.  

Trivia starts promptly at 8pm, and we were able to grab a table at 7:15.  The bar is huge compared to other bars that host trivia, but it is also a popular hangout for locals to watch sports (like last night’s Battle of the Journalism Schools) so we’d recommend getting there a little early.  We witnessed a late-arriving team of 7 trying to cram into a table for 3; it was not pretty.


Like sister bars Schoolyard and Brownstone, Kirkwood has excellent trivia night specials: huge $3 burgers, $5 fish tacos, $14 buckets of Bud, and $4 Jager bombs.  Last night, we were also treated with $3 pints of Magic Hat #9.  It’s unclear whether the Magic Hat is a permanent special, but it should be — for every delicious and inexpensive pint we ordered, we got to play a round on the Magnificent Crapparatus, basically a Plinko board for Magic Hat schwag.

Trivia is played in six rounds: current events, Top 10 [most popular football teams], picture round [Bears], [football] movies, name-the-author, and name-the-movie based on three actors.  Questions are moderately difficult, and hopefully not always so football-centric.  Aside from football fanatics, the game rewards teams who eat and drink to excess: the team with the highest tab gets two bonus points added to its total score.   

The real standouts at Kirkwood are the prizes.  The overall winner gets 50% off the night’s tab (limit $50).  But that’s not all.  Each round’s winners get a prize, too: shots of O-bombs, pints of Magic Hat, free happy hour parties, a bucket of beer, free appetizers, and the Holy Grail — the elusive skillet cookie — which we might have won if only we had seen Little Giants.  Add those to the Crapparatus prizes and everyone walks out with something.

As a bonus, every Monday starting January 12, you can watch 24 with sound before trivia!  We can hardly contain our excitement.   

Good trivia, great specials, plenty of prizes, Jack Bauer Power Hour.  Talk about a Christmas Wish come true.

Kirkwood Bar & Grill
2934 N. Sheffield, Chicago
8pm to around 10pm (Update: new 9pm start time as of January 12)
Free admission
3 paws (out of 4)

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