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We like to think we’re a pretty decent team.  We usually hold our own and place in the top three.  Sometimes we even win.  We won at Drum & Monkey, but the questions were so easy, we only got one wrong, and that was because we weren’t racist enough.  When we won at Elephant and Castle, we beat a grand total of two other teams.  We were actually really excited when we won a bunch of money at Harrigan’s, even if we only won because Yao Ming is on our team.  We won at Ginger’s, despite the jolly old host not thinking that “Alan Alda” was a pervy enough alternate answer– but as it turned out, we didn’t really win anything.

But last night.  We won.  At Globe Pub.  OMG.  Oh. My. God.


Source: World Maps

What a great night to be Filipino at Globe Pub. Instead of the usual donations to the MS Society, last night’s team fees went to benefit victims of the recent typhoons in the Philippines.  Thanks, Quizmaster Dave.  If that wasn’t enough, round one was called “Hippies Lent Hip,” an anagram for “The Philippines”!  Of course, at Globe Pub, being Filipino doesn’t really give you much of an advantage if your knowledge is limited to: the capital (Manila), Tagalog swear words, Imelda Marcos’ shoe-hoarding, Manny Pacquiao, and Wowowee.  What does give you an advantage is having two guest team members, one who had a Filipina roommate in college, and the other who is an expert on geography/history.  Susmaryosep…that round could have been a disaster.

Like most second-generation Filipino-Americans, I know way more about pop culture than my own culture, so I redeemed myself in the next round, “I Take Dark,” or “Karate Kid.”  The match round required us to match Chicago dive bars with their addresses — ridiculously hard, but we managed to stay afloat.  The Chemical States round, where you turn series of chemical symbols and state abbreviations into a list of words with a common theme, was impossible.  We don’t think anyone got the common link, which was Packers.  (Quizmaster Dave could have thrown us a bone and given us “Rodgers” for the final clue, but that’s just not how he rolls.)  We really started our offensive assault during Dead or Canadian: Mascara or Jedi (perfect for our mixed-gender team!).  We continued by being awesome at picture identification.  But what really put us over the top was our team member pulling “Burlap” out of nowhere to boost us to FIRST PLACE!


This is what victory looks like.

The winners get a $50 gift certificate to Globe Pub, but that does not hold a candle to the feeling of extreme glee you get for winning the hardest pub quiz in town.  Like Ryan’s trip to Thailand, it’s indescribable.

Next stop, State!  (Watch your back, Pat Stack, we’re coming for our cash.)

Globe Pub
1934 W. Irving Park Rd., Chicago
8pm to 10:15pm
$5 admission (goes to charity)
4 paws! (out of 4)

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We’ve moved!  You can read our review of Tuesday night Picture Trivia at Brownstone at http://www.chicagonow.com/blogs/chicago-hearts-trivia/2010/02/review-tuesday-night-picture-trivia-at-brownstone.html.

You’ll also find an *awesome* picture of topaz there.

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Read our review of Tuesday night trivia at Globe Pub at our new blog address: http://www.chicagonow.com/blogs/chicago-hearts-trivia/2010/01/review-tuesday-night-trivia-at-globe-pub.html!

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Congrats to the winners, Backstreet Boyeez!

Now that the tournament is over, we can reveal that we were Werewolf Bar Mitzvah. After a strong showing in the beginning, we couldn’t hang with Backstreet Boyeez. I guess you could say that they were larger than life.

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After making a weekly commitment to the Brownstone Monday Night Trivia Tournament, what better way to spice things up than go back to the same place the next day for more trivia.   Tuesday night trivia at Brownstone is something special: pictures only.

Picture trivia is a seven round, hi-def  power point presentation displayed on the flat screen TV’s around the bar.    

The rounds this week were:
1.  childhood photos
2.  before there was i-tunes (name the band/singer by album cover)
3.  Chicago athletes past and present
4.  flags of the world
5.  2001 movies (name the movie)
6.  mug shots
7.  party like a rock star, *#$& like a porn star (photos of rock or porn stars)

There is actually one more round of trivia than the provided answer sheet can support, which is a nice surprise at the end of the game.  Kind of like finding out you have some more pringles in the can when you could have sworn you’d finished.  Sweet (and salty).

The first round, name the celebrity by their childhood photo, was way challenging, as evidenced by our score, only 2 out of 10 correctly identified.  Didn’t feel too bad about most of them… I’m not sure if I know what Clive Owen looks like now, much less how he looked back in junior high school (hint: he looked like a member of the Strokes).  Probably should have known Uma Thurman.   Also, Denzel Washington looks exactly the same as he did as a kid, which is good, because 1 out of 10 is an awful score. 

5 young Clive Owens

5 young Clive Owens

The next hardest round was the Chicago athletes, which should have been renamed with the word “Obscure” at the front.  No fooling around.  The round featured two Blackhawks and one member of the Chicago Fire.  We only recognized Brandon Lloyd from his U of I days.  Also, I think there was a picture of Jeff Samardzija from a Notre Dame frat party.  Good thing spelling doesn’t count.

Nice specials for the night.  $5 glasses of wine,  $4 Stella, and allegedly $5 salads.  The salad special wasn’t very well advertised.  If we knew about it, we probably would have had one.  Also, we tried to order a 16 oz PBR, but they had run out, which is not necessarily a bad thing.
Some fun incentives included a perfect score any round = skillet cookie and
best team name = shots (winner: Goat to hell… so-so in my opinion).  It would seem that skillet cookies would be flowing like water, but the rounds are hard enough that getting 10/10 is pretty difficult.  Our closest call was with the 2001 movies round (9/10).  I swear that that girl in Rush Hour 2 really does look like the one in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.  Sorry, team.  (Editor’s note: she looks like that girl because she is that girl.)

All in all, it was a fun time and refreshing twist to a night of trivia.  The host was efficient, personable, and kind of know-it-allish (as a good trivia host should be) and the specials were good.  I should also note that “mug shots” is a very popular trivia photo round… this may have been our 3rd or 4th encounter with celebrity mug shots and it’s always rewarding to be able to recycle some trivia knowledge.

I’d go back… but first, does anyone have a Chicago Blackhawks program I can borrow?

UPDATE: Read about our second visit to Brownstone Picture Trivia here!

Brownstone Tavern & Grill
3937 N Lincoln Ave., Chicago
8:00pm to 9:30pm
Free admission

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For a Monday night when you don’t feel like waiting for a table at Crew head over to Brownstone Tavern (3937 N. Lincoln Ave). Monday’s special include $5 sandwiches, which were all good, and $4 Coors Light/Miller Lite 22 oz drafts. Having specials like this can turn an otherwise mediocre trivia night into an enjoyable one. Also, let’s not forget 16 oz PBRs for $3.75. Although the PBRs aren’t necessarily a drink special, it’s nice to have them on the menu.

Questions are relatively standard here with 6 rounds. Tonight’s categories were American History, Top 10, General Knowledge, Board Games, Music, and Movies (worth double points). The winner receives 50% off their tab. The downsides are that scores are not announced between rounds, so you never know how you are doing until the very end. Also, there were varying opinions among our team regarding the MC being a jagoff. Whether or not you prefer an impersonal moderator or one with more character is your own preference, but don’t expect a lot of witty back-and-forth banter.   We won’t jump to conclusions on our first visit.

Onto the trivia….

Most questions were relatively straightforward, and the variations were very enjoyable. The Top 10 category was “Name the Top 10 countries that spend the most on their military.” Some surprises in this list included Japan, France, and Italy. The movie round was both challenging and enjoyable. You were given 3 actors/actresses and you had to correctly identify which movie they all starred in. For example, if you were told Jamie Foxx, Jennifer Garner, and Jason Bateman, the correct answer would be “The Kingdom.” Really fun round.

The most unique part of the night was the grading format. Like stated before, scores are not announced in between rounds, so even if you keep a running total of your team’s score, you have no idea where you stand in the field of play. Grading is all done tableside by the MC, who is efficient, but perhaps not entirely accurate (we received 7 points for a round where we should have scored only 6). It made the night go quickly (we were done by 9:45), but the format may not be entirely appealing to everyone.

Overall, given the scarcity of good trivia on Monday nights, Brownstone Tavern is a great option for those who want a laid back night with good food/drink specials. If everyone is up for it, Crew is a superior option on Monday night, but sometimes it’s not worth the traffic/parking/wait to sit at one of their tables. On a night like that, Brownstone is a perfect alternative.


Great sandwich specials

Decent drink specials

PBR on the menu

Jackie O’Lantern (see link)


No scoring announcements

Brownstone Tavern & Grill
3937 N. Lincoln Ave, Chicago
Free Admission
3 paws (out of 4)

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