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Last night we headed to Market to check out a new trivia group called Let’s Go Trivia that we’ve been hearing a lot about recently. The Let’s Go crew told us they were basically just normal guys who loved trivia and thought they could do a good job hosting trivia nights. We were intrigued. People getting into the trivia business because they love trivia? That seems pretty rare. A lot of trivia hosts seem to get into the game to because they are wannabe comedians or aspiring musicians who want to take advantage of a captive audience. And frankly, that’s just painful.

Luckily, these guys know that most people come to trivia nights to play trivia, not hear amateur comedians.  They really did a great job. The rounds were: general knowledge, picture identification, fun & games, people, and an audio round. The audio round, which required us to identify the theme songs from famous TV shows, was AWESOME. If there’s one thing I love as much as trivia it’s TV. Our only complaint was that they sometimes played long song clips that made the answers too obvious. But that also allowed us to sing out loud nearly the entire theme to Family Ties, so I’ll overlook it. Sha la la la.

There were also two lightening rounds in which we were required to list as many answers as possible in 3 minutes. Last night we had to list the 13 top selling cereals in the US and as many TV sitcoms that were on the air for 10+ years as possible.  (Who the hell has been watching King of Queens for the past 9+ years anyways?) Overall, the questions were really fun and creative and sparked a ton of conversations amongst our team. I never knew my teammates had such strong opinions about cereal.

If you still need some convincing about these guys, lemme tell you about the prizes. I can speak authoritatively on this subject because we won first prize: 2 Bulls tickets to Friday night’s game! The good news is since the Bulls suck, it’s definitely possible for us to find 2 more tickets so our whole team can go! Second prize was a gift certificate to Market. Also, you can win prizes just by showing up regularly. Let’s Go Trivia hands out punch cards. Show up and get your card punched 4 times and you get free pizza and beer. Woah. That would be first prize at a lot of trivia joints.

Bulls Tickets!

We know how to win even if the Bulls don't.

Market itself is a pretty fun place to hang out. Parking was a breeze and it’s also steps from the Loop so walking to trivia after work is also an option. We’ve also heard rumor that Market will send a van to pick you up for trivia– email letsgotrivia@gmail.com for details.

Tuesday’s specials include: $1 sliders, $15 pitchers of margaritas and vodka lemonades. We either misheard or were misinformed about the price of beer buckets. Regardless, they’re $18 which isn’t much of a special. The food is definitely a little fancier than your standard trivia night. (That’s not the only fancy part about Market– there’s reportedly a bathroom attendant in the men’s restroom). We got sliders, a salad, and a couple of sandwiches and were all pretty satisfied. Speaking of satisfaction, the pickles that come with the sandwiches are HUGE. That’s great news if you love pickles or enjoy making naughty jokes like the one I just made.

Giant pickle

Now that's a pickle.

Trivia starts at 7:30 (although when I called the Market staff said it started at 7), and we were out the door by 9:30, which is pretty nice. Overall, we were super impressed with Let’s Go Trivia.  There are just lots of little touches that made last night a bit smoother than a lot of other trivia nights.  We’re eager to try out there other venues around town!

Market Bar
1113 W. Randolph, Chicago
Free Admission
3.5 Paws! (Out of 4)


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Tonight we went to Rocco’s inaugural trivia night. I arrived in a pretty foul mood. I was still reeling from the tragic if not sudden death of Patrick Swayze (may he rest in peace), parking in Lincoln Park is a nightmare, and half of our team couldn’t make it leaving us at a bit of a disadvantage size-wise. In other words, I was primed to write a heinous review. However, I was pleasantly surprised by Rocco’s. The questions were good, the bartender was kinda dreamy, and the beer was cheap ($2 Old Style).

The night is hosted by Jeremy, who we’ve reviewed at Rebel and Grace O’Malley’s. Of the three times I’ve seen Jeremy in action, this was my favorite.  He always puts on a decent trivia night, but I think this venue is perfect for him.  It’s got a small but vocal crowd so you get to see him interact with the teams– which he’s good at.  And it’s quiet enough that you can here his random trivia tidbits and jokes– even if they are at the expense of beloved dancer and actor Patrick Swayze (God rest his soul).

We played as Team: Big Cats, because when the male members of our team don’t show up, we without fail reference cats in our team name.  Exhibit A and Exhibit B.  Girl power: we were in the lead most of the game.  We rocked the Tommy Lee Jones round.  We showed our patriotism in the US history round.  We held our own in the movie soundtracks audio round.  And we held back tears in the Patrick Swayze round.  I think we were the only team who knew that he’d been married for 34 years (condolences to his wife).

But our lack of testosterone came back to bite us.  In the football round we got 7 out of 15, and that’s only because Jeremy either miscalculated or threw us a bone.  While other teams quickly jotted down their answers, we were having conversations like, “Who is that football player who dated Kim Kardashian?”  It was not pretty.  Neither, incidentally, is Kim Kardashian.

Sadly, the football round knocked us from 1st to 2nd.  The 1st place team won a $25 gift certificate to Rocco’s.  We walked away with a Rocco’s t-shirt and a Cubs hat that we gave to the nice gentleman at the bar who gave us a couple of tips during the Patrick Swayze round.

I left feeling kinda sad that we didn’t win but glad that we at least walked away with prizes.  Kinda like I feel at the end of Ghost when I’m crying because Sam is dead, but I’m happy that he’s going to Heaven.

The love inside, you take it with you.

1925 N. Lincoln Ave, Chicago
Free Admission
3 paws (out of 4)

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We’ve moved!  You can read our review of Tuesday night Picture Trivia at Brownstone at http://www.chicagonow.com/blogs/chicago-hearts-trivia/2010/02/review-tuesday-night-picture-trivia-at-brownstone.html.

You’ll also find an *awesome* picture of topaz there.

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